Parents LOVE Good Times Guitar!

“I love Good Times Guitar! All 3 of our kids have studied through Good Times Guitar and as a Mom, I absolutely LOVE it!” – Kathy Ireland

“I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge what amazing music teachers you are. Brett and I are both blown away with what you offer our children. It is such an amazing opportunity to build confidence as they get up in front of their peers, show their hard work and lead worship. You give them something to look forward to and I know it’s made a huge difference for our son. Thank you for infusing and fostering a love for music in our children. You are an inspiration to us all!” -Monica Wilson

“Thank you so much for (the Good Times gig) today. It was really fun to see the kids use their skills. Thank you for putting it all together. It was outstanding! And thank you for teaching the kids so well. They love it!” -Johan Frisell

“I think what we have really appreciated about Good Times Guitar, you, and your teaching partners, is the personal interest you take with all of the kids…well, I can only speak for our family, so the interest you have taken in Kai, but we think you are simply the best.  Having taken guitar lessons myself from a musician making money on the side, I know that you provide so much more than many other guitar schools.  You are truly teachers in every sense of the word.” -Lisa Uchio (mom and teacher at Cold Spring School)

“My wife and I really appreciate what you do for the kids.  Our family is blessed because of you.  Thanks!” -Greg Merrill

“Our son Tanner had so much fun with you and still sometimes wears his “Good Times” t-shirt!” -Kenon Neal (mother of grown son)

“Andy is the bomb! Great teacher and musician.” -Dr. Jimmy Campos

“Okay so I am obviously far too biased to comment on Andy’s awesome guitar playing, natural rapport with students and such…however I CAN tell you that Dan Bos has been a phenomenal guitar teacher for our daughter Abby. She has passed me up as a guitar player. I need lessons this summer to catch up.” -Angela White