LESSONS: $190/month ($160 with Auto-Pay!)

BAND PRACTICE: $150/month ($120 with Auto-Pay!)


1. Sign up for Auto-Pay! For lessons, go HERE. For Band Practice, go HERE.

2. Venmo @goodtimesguitar with the smart phone app. 

3. Hand us cash or a check in person.

4. Send a check in the mail: Good Times Guitar, 3225 Calle Pinon, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

5. Pay Online. Click the PayPal “PAY NOW” button below…

CLICK BUTTON BELOW TO PAY ONLINE: You don’t need a PayPal account. You only need a credit card.

paypal button


Can I cancel Auto-Pay if we change our mind? Yes, just email

How much are lessons?  $190 per month for weekly half hour lessons. ($30 discount with Auto-Pay)

How much is Band Practice?  $150 per month for weekly hour sessions. ($30 discount with Auto-Pay)

When are payments due? Monthly. Pay for the whole month at the beginning of the month.

Are there late fees? A $20 late fee will incur after the 10th of the month.

Who do I make checks out to? Good Times Guitar

How many sessions per month? We’ll usually meet 4x per month. We’ll occasionally meet 3x or 5x. See our online calendar.

What about Make-Ups?  If you must miss your lesson, a 48 hour warning is required to qualify for a makeup. NO REFUNDS.