Hard Work Pays Off!

Parker with his new electric guitar!

We are very proud of our guitar students, especially when they work hard to achieve their goals. A good example comes from a cool young rocker named Parker. Parker has been making some amazing progress with playing lead guitar. He desperately wanted his own electric guitar to play some of his rockin’ riffs on. However, his parents made a deal with him…he had to memorize all his parts for the upcoming performance in order to “earn” this prized electric guitar. Well, Parker put in a LOT of hard work and made tremendous progress. He was ready for the gig and showed us he was ready for the electric. His parents had Dan and I secretly put together an electric guitar package (which included a Fender electric, amp, cable, case, etc). When Parker showed up for his lesson on his birthday, his brand new electric guitar package was waiting for him. Man, he was stoked! GOOD TIMES!!