Guitar Essay by Zoe (age 9)

I was inspired to play guitar by my third grade teacher, Mr. White. All of a sudden, he would grab hi guitar and start playing a song about math, or some random song that he made up; and everyone would sing along and laugh at the funny things he said. So I started taking lessons with him, and now my passion for guitar is blazing. I got even MORE inspired by guitar when my mom, my litter sister Gigi and I went to the Granada to see a music show, and there were kids about my age playing beautifully, and it sounded to me like a chorus of trumpets playing together. There were also two Brazilian men who played guitar for a living and they were REALLY good. They made it look pretty easy , but I could tell it wasn’t. All that picking, and moving your fingers at light speed sounds pretty hard, if you ask me. But that’s why I keep playing. I know that the guitar is the right instrument for me because I always get this WOW feeling when I hear guitar every time. I would like to learn the harp, but I want to get really good at guitar first. Without music, I don’t know where I’d be. I don’t know where we’d be.”


  1. Angela White says

    You gotta love a “blazing” passion for guitar! Way to go Zoe and GTG!

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